2016 - Making mistakes

Making mistakes

For a long time, my profile said “I make complex simple”.

Well, first of all, it would have been more accurate to say: “I try to make complex simple but I fail most of the time”.

Also, I don’t like the super-confident picture “I make complex simple.” is carrying.

So now I can rephrase my motto to: “I make lots of mistakes while trying to make complex simple”. But then, reducing complexity, keeping things as simple as possible is kind of what engineers do anyway, at least in my mind, so I can leave that out.

In short: “I make mistakes.”

So, from now on, my profile will just say that.

It’s extra convenient since I don’t ever have to think about whether it is still true or not ;).

Also, I hope this will help be more freely discuss my thoughts and ideas, that are obviously wrong anyway.