What's this?

What’s this?

It’s a sort of personal (and public) wiki with random thoughts with various levels of quality and elaborateness.

It’s my alternative to a blog: I always struggled with publishing “production-ready” blog posts vs the number of drafts I have. Some were too short for a standalone post. Some, I was too lazy to research in-depth. Nevertheless, chronological order is definitely inapproriate for most of the content of what I have here!

A wiki is my way to break this deadlock - to end up publishing more, and worry less about it.

It’s here for your entertainment, and for me, for reference.

PS: I wanted a .sushi domain for my site but there’s none available. Ping me if you also think this is outrageous so we can partner up to put some pressure ICANN!


If we were to meet in person, I’d be more like: what do you do?

But fine, let me show you this graph approximately describing my life / career so far:

stateDiagram [*] --> HackingThroughoutMyTeenageYears HackingThroughoutMyTeenageYears --> SoundEngineering SoundEngineering --> University SoundEngineering --> ProfessionalOnlinePokerPlayer University --> Designer University --> BehaviouralSciences BehaviouralSciences --> University BehaviouralSciences --> Designer ProfessionalOnlinePokerPlayer --> Designer ProfessionalOnlinePokerPlayer --> ProbabilisticThinking ProbabilisticThinking --> CoFoundingDrops CoFoundingDrops --> SoftwareEngineering Designer --> SoftwareEngineering Designer --> MovingToLondon MovingToLondon --> SoftwareEngineering Designer --> CoFoundingDrops CoFoundingDrops --> MovingToLondon HackingThroughoutMyTeenageYears --> SoftwareEngineering ProbabilisticThinking --> SoftwareEngineering SoftwareEngineering --> CTOofDrops CTOofDrops --> [*]

(Ok, I hope you didn’t expect a graph, and I surprised you!)