2014 - Designing your personal identity

Designing your personal identity

So you are a graphic designer and you think you need a personal identity - not necessarily to show off your skills, but because you need to have one. And designing it can cause a lot of problems. I, myself can’t even count the hours I wasted on experimenting with my own personal identity - and still, it’s in “beta” at best.

I mean, how can you have something as a graphic designer that both represents your skills, your mindset and your style when all of these variables are changing extremely fast? And I really do hope that none of them will eventually stop improving….

Before writing this post, I asked this question on Quora - I was really curious what experienced designers think on the topic, and I’ve got really cool answers that confirmed my superstition.

The conclusion is that I either need something that I can always fall back on, something that is so core that no new trend, Photoshop/Illustrator function or effect can override - or just eliminate the whole time-consuming and problem by having no personal identity. At least until somebody invents the automatically changing personal identity that needs no maintenance at all. I would definitely subscribe for a service like that.